For objects of classes posterior and perf_mod, autoplot() produces a simple plot of posterior distributions. For workflow set objects, there are several types of plots that can be produced.

# S3 method for posterior
autoplot(object, ...)

# S3 method for perf_mod
autoplot(object, ...)

# S3 method for perf_mod_workflow_set
autoplot(object, type = "intervals", prob = 0.9, size = NULL, ...)



An object produced by perf_mod(), tidy.perf_mod(), or a workflow set with computed results.


Options passed to geom_line(stat = "density", ...).


A value of one of: "intervals" (for model rank versus posterior probability using interval estimation), "posteriors" (density plots for each model), or "ROPE" (for practical equivalence probabilities versus workflow rank).


A number p (0 < p < 1) indicating the desired probability mass to include in the intervals.


The size of an effective difference in the units of the chosen metric. For example, a 5 percent increase in accuracy (size = 0.05) between two models might be considered a "real" difference.


A ggplot2::ggplot() object.


data(ex_objects) autoplot(posterior_samples)